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Summary A collection of free web applications An app store for individuals to manage web applications. Free to use the public novamps server, paid services to run your own servers An app store for teams
Revenue source Donations Fees for private servers (i.e. fair margin on top of Hetzner prices) - Fees for private servers
- Premium features offered by community developers
User experience List of fair apps, single user account across all - App store with ratings/comments
- Admin dashboard for own server
Admin dashboard with team features:
- User and team management
- Centralised billing
Web applications - OhMyForm
- Fider
- FocalBoard
- Claper
- 6 more (please recommend some!)
25+ web applications 100+ web applications (developer contributed)
Technical development Manually maintain and adjust open source applications to use an Ory authorization server Create a standard for community-contributions, e.g.:
- Docker-based
- Simple auth and billing endpoints
Something 100x better than today